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Fourteen year old teenager injured after falling from elevator shaft on the abandoned Millennium Mall

posted May 11, 2011, 12:35 PM by Tom Tianich
By Carlos Llanos (in an email to Commissioner Linda Sherwood)

Please see the news report on on the above incident that happened April 5,2011 around 6:00 PM. As you are aware we as residents of Lawn Acres have raised the issue of homeless people living in the Mall and also of teenagers jumping over the perimeter wall several times at the Lawn Acres Civic Association bi-monthly meeting and nothing has been done. As the reporter  Jeff Burnside has said, access to the inside of the buildings is very easy.  The deteriorated  Mall is in very dangerous condition and the security prevention standards are not in compliance with any city, county or safety codes. Please, take the necessary steps to enforce City Safety Code Standards to prevent these tragic accident,  that we in Lawn Acres were trying to prevent and now we are facing. Lets pray for the young girl well being!

Thank you,
Carlos Llanos