Post date: Mar 29, 2014 7:14:50 PM

Over the past month there have been reports of a pack of dogs (2 - 4 in a pack) entering backyards and killing our neighbors' pets. Attacks reported to us have happened at night 3-7am. We are unsure if these are wild dogs living on the street or dogs belonging to a neighborhood resident who lets their dogs out at night, unsupervised.

We have advised the City of Hollywood and Broward County authorities. As a precaution, bring your pets in at night and leave them indoors as much as possible until this issue is resolved.

Here is some advice from the City of Hollywood Animal Control Officer.



  • Contact the Hollywood Police Department immediately. An attack in progress constitutes an emergency and it is appropriate to call 911.

  • Do not try to engage the animals but If you can do so from the safety of your locked car, try to see where the dogs go. In many cases, if someone can follow the dog(s) in their vehicle they will usually lead you to their home.

  • If you should obtain any addresses after the fact, please contact the City of Hollywood Animal Control Officer directly at 954-921-3925.

Below if a video from a family in Lawn Acres that has lost 2 cats on that night and number of their neighbors' cats were killed as well.

We believe dogs have been found (see pictures below). Animal control is on the case, but please mind your cats until further notice.