The LACA Focus Group Report

Post date: Nov 12, 2014 1:18:12 AM

The Lawn Acres Focus Group wishes to thank the residents of Lawn Acres who expressed their viewpoint whether in favor of or in opposition to the establishment of a RaceTrac Gasoline Station and Market at The Place at Hollywood. Inforation and comments were also solicited from residents of Hollywood at-large as well as other interested parties. After due consideration of a number of factors, the Focus Group decided at a meeting held on October 27, 2014, to withdraw their formal objection to the establishment of a RaceTrac enterprise at the new shopping area being created by Mr. Alberto Micha of Dacar Managemnet, LLC.

Lawn Acres was well-represented at the Technical Advisory Committee meeting on November 03, 2014, involving City of Hollywood Departments reviewing the plans for the creation of RaceTrac on the south side of Hollywood Boulevard immediately west of 58th Avenue. In attendance were: Ms. Bostwick, Mrs. Clark, Mr. Cooney, Mrs. and Mrs. Dinkel, Mr. Llanos, Ms. Morford, and Mr. Rodriquez. Commissioner Linda Sherwood attended this important meeting as did Mrs. Quintana-Hayden, President of the Hollywood Gardens West Civic Association.

Note: The Hollywood Gardens West community is our neighbor on the north side of Hollywood Boulevard between 56th Avenue and State Road 7 up to Taft Street.

The Lawn Acres Focus Group will continue to keep abreast of developments regarding the RaceTrac enterprise and other projects impacting our neighborhood. Mr. David Dinkel is the Chairperson of the Focus Group.