Hollywood's Annual Water Line Flushing Program

Post date: Oct 05, 2010 2:19:36 AM

City of Hollywood, Florida

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September 29, 2010

Contact: Raelin Storey

Director Public Affairs & Marketing

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Hollywood's Annual Water Line Flushing Program Set to Begin

October 11, 2010

Water will Remain Safe to Drink

HOLLYWOOD, FL - The City of Hollywood's Department of Public Utilities will begin its annual water line flushing program on Monday, October 11 through Friday, November 19. The program will take place Monday through Friday during the day and evening hours. Residents and businesses could be affected during these times.

The program will be conducted in one section of the City at a time starting at Park Road heading west through the City to University Drive, and then from Park Road east through the City to the beach.

Although the City's water might become cloudy or contain a slight chlorinated taste and/or odor, the water is safe for consumption. To remove the chlorinated taste or odor, simply store the tap water in an open container (pitcher) in the refrigerator.

Important information for users of kidney dialysis machines and owners/managers of businesses with fish and shellfish hold tanks. Please adjust your method of removing chloramines since routine methods of testing and removing chloramines may not be effective during this program.

The annual water line flushing program is mandated by the Broward County Department of Health to help rid the water lines of any accumulated sediments.

For media inquiries, please contact Raelin Storey, Public Affairs Director at 954.921.3098. For additional information on the line flushing program, please contact Taylor P. Calhoun, III, Public Utilities Operations Coordinator at 954.967.4230.